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There are a lot of different companies providing property management services out there, but don’t get overwhelmed by all the options. The best way to get rid of junk at any of your properties is through Lightning Junk Removal. We’re NYC’s #1 junk hauling business for a reason!

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There is a lot of work that goes into managing properties, especially here in the busy land of New York City. It doesn’t matter which of the five boroughs you’re in. If you’re dealing with a foreclosure, eviction, or move-out, and junk is being left behind in the property, then you’re going to want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Does this mean you’ll have to remove it on your own? Of course not. Instead, contact Lightning Junk Removal and request our property management services. We’ll make the property clean and clutter-free again so you can rent or sell it to the next occupants sooner rather than later.

Need Property Solutions in the Bronx?

Our services are a great choice because it’s handled by experienced junk haulers. Residents and business owners alike have booked our property clean-up services for houses, apartments, and even old commercial spaces, so believe us when we say we’ve just about seen it all. When we arrive at the cluttered property you’re concerned about, we’ll leap right into the junk removal process without having to second-guess anything. It won’t be long before all the clutter has been moved onto our truck!

Lightning Junk Removalis a fantastic option because of our vast experience and our hardworking team. We’ve done all kinds of junk removal services in the past, and we have many five-star reviews on Google, proving that we’re cut out for the job. So, when you need to get rid of the junk remaining from a previous tenant, give us a call! We’ll show up with the tools and crew needed to provide outstanding services!

Junk removal profesional explaining the cosr of property manangment services to a happy landlord
Feasible Pricing for Property Managers

Rental and commercial property management is only made harder when you have to remove abandoned belongings from the property. However, finding the time to remove these items on your own isn’t exactly a feasible option. After all, you already have a schedule filled to the brim with things to do. So that leads into the next question—what should you do about it?

Well, call us, of course! We are prepared to handle any size job including houses, apartments, storefronts, and more. Furthermore, we’re prepared to do the work for a fair and affordable cost. Our property management services are priced using a volume-based scale. So, the amount of junk we haul away determines what you owe us. What’s more, we never add hidden fees to your final bill. Save money by choosing Lightning Junk Removal, and we’ll keep your cash flowing in the local economy. What’s not to like?

Junk removal professionals posing in front of the truck ready to provide property management services
How Do Property Services Work?
  1. We want to serve you as soon as you need us to be there. Don’t forget that you can schedule same-day and next-day property management services and we’ll always be there on time.
  2. Upon our arrival, let us look over the property and determine how much junk there is. Then, approve our upfront service quote, and we can begin our work.
  3. Next, we’ll begin hauling the junk off the property. When handling heavier items such as furniture, we’ll have multiple team members work together.
  4. Once we have removed all the junk, we will sweep up behind ourselves, accept your payment, and take your junk away for disposal and donation.

Cleaning Out Office Spaces That You Manage

As a commercial property manager, you likely rent out multiple different office spaces. However, when one of your tenants packs their stuff and goes, you might find that, unfortunately, they didn’t pack all their stuff. Are you faced with abandoned cubicles, computers, and other office items? Do you need full-service office clean outs? Well, we’re happy to provide then for you! Leave it to our team to haul away any and all office junk, including file cabinets, water coolers, potted plants, and more. We’ll get that office in a good state so that you can have a new tenant move in sooner rather than later. It’s time to start making rent again!

About Lightning Junk Removal

We are a lightning-fast junk removal business that’s always eager to take on new challenges in the community. When managing your property becomes about hunting tenants for rent, Lightning Junk Removal is there to provide you with easy solutions. Some tenants will leave furniture and appliances behind, but we’ll happily haul unwanted items from the property in a moment’s notice. Additionally, we stay strong and work hard to make sure the job gets done right.

Property Junk We Take

Old Decorations
Boxes and Bins
Bagged Trash

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  • review rating

    They exceeded expectations. Angel gave me an estimated arrival time between 8:30 and 10:30, they were here by 8:30 and finished by 10. Would definitely use again. Thanks again!

    Rob G
  • review rating

    They guys that came over and did the removal work were super professional, polite and patient. Affordable as well. will definitely recommend. Thank you guys!

    full hollow
  • review rating

    Very professional, quick and great guys. Nothing but nice things to say about Angel and his staff. Would recommend for any removal job.

    Roberto Rodriguez
  • review rating

    Angel and his helper, were excellent from the time I contacted them to seeing all my junk gone. Very nice. On time and professional. Will be using them again.

    Maryann Fauth
  • review rating

    Angel is a true professional and a pleasure to deal with.

    J T
  • review rating

    Angel cleaned out an entire 1BR apt for me in an afternoon – 2 truckloads at a very good, transparent flat rate – even did the carpet and nails. Couldnt recommend more – clean, efficient, and honest.

    Steven Turville
  • review rating

    These gentlemen answered my last minute call with friendly, super fast, same day service. They went above and beyond for me and my family when we had a death in the family and needed a last minute cleaning out of a storage unit. I can’t recommend these gentlemen highly enough. NG

    Noel G.
  • review rating

    We hired them for a tough job in our backyard. Angel was very professional from our very first interaction. He gave us a prompt estimate, was responsive, punctual, fast to schedule, and thorough.rnrnNot only did they haul away a chain link fence, metal, wood, and heavy concrete pavers from our backyard through the basement and up the stairs – they also had to clear and haul construction debris that was blocking the door they needed to go through (picture attached).rnrnNo job seemed too big or too small. We dealt with competitors that wasted our time (no-shows, late, disappeared, or focused on issues instead of partnering with us to find solutions). We both have demanding careers, are new landlords, and have a toddler – so finding a company that respects your time and goes the extra mile is incredibly valuable.

  • review rating

    These guys are fantastic and Angel is running a great business. They came to get some junk for me, the price was fair, the communication was good and they even cleaned up after removal! Don’t look anywhere else these are the guys to use for your junk removal. The ratings aren’t wrong!

    Yasin Benzawi
  • review rating

    Angel was professional and quick to assess what needed to be removed from my property. Price was fair and service was quick. Will use again.

    Kevin Sam


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